Wear a watch

Make sure you’re here in time for the hunt. There’s a new auction every 25 hours, so closing time moves up by 1 hour everyday. This way, all time zones have an equal advantage.

25 hours


Check today's catch

Not every pack is the same, there are standard packs, rare packs and epic packs . Make sure to check what you can score today!


Connect your wallet

Before you can participate, you need to connect your wallet.


Place a bid!

Choose how much GP or WETH you want to give and place a bid!

GP = Gravity Potential

You automatically gain GP by owning SuperNfty NFT’s. Discover how much you can get per NFT in this overview.

WETH = Wrapped ETH

Wrapped Eth is often used in the NFT space for auctions. Are you new to this? Opensea has an easy explanation on what it is and how to get it.

Make sure to doublecheck your bid! You won’t be able to cancel it if you win. GP is deducted automatically when you win the auction, WETH is only deducted when you claim/mint your pack.


Time's up, are you in the top 3?

The top 3 bids in each category win! And to keep it fair, they all pay the price of the lowest winning bid!


Claim your pack! You have 30 days

Did you win? Great! You have 30 days to claim your pack so you can do it when gas is low. But keep in mind that you have to claim it before you can bid in another auction again.


That's it!

Now you know everything there is to know about Sniping Spirits.

Go hunt 😈