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Since many projects have a different angle, I wanted to tell you a bit more about my vision. In the past year, I’ve felt a shift within the NFT space. While NFTs used to feel very art centered when I started out (Beeple and Fewocious had their come-up back then), it now feels like it’s all about membership, exclusive perks, et cetera. The thing is, I think NFTs can be whatever you want. I see my collections sort of like a Patreon 2.0, where now on top of being able to support your favourite creator and getting some benefits from different support tiers, it’s also possible to invest and reap the benefits when your favourite creator ‘makes it’. So I hope you look forward to more art!"


"Hello everyone, my name is Sander, but you might know me as SuperNfty. I started my NFT journey in March of 2021, when Chubbies was the biggest project in the space, bored apes didn’t even exist yet and cold-dming GMoney was pretty likely to result in an answer. Since then, I’m proud to say that making art is my fulltime job. I have 4 successful NFT collections, my work has been collected by Cozomo De Medici, xCopy, DannyUkes, Clon, SillyTuna and many others and I’ve collaborated with CoolCats, Dario De Siena, CryptoMories, Alien Frens, Fang Gang and Deadmau5! These are things I could never have imagined 1 year ago.

About SuperNfty

Super Nfty Floating Heads

On the 5th of March, the first Floating head was listed and SuperNfty was born. For 7 months, SuperNfty handmodeled one Floating Head a day! They are the genesis collection and will always be #1 in the SuperNfty Universe. 

5  MAR  2021


Product Developer, strategist and UX designer. SuperNfty's girlfriend and biggest supporter. 


26 year old, Belgian VRtist. In March of 2021, he took a chance on pursuing his passion for art through NFT's and hasn't looked back since. 


Collectors always had and always will have a say in our strategy. Come and share ideas, discuss future plans or design with SuperNfty live on Twitch!


Ph.D. researcher by day, blockchain wizard by night. SuperNfty's little brother is a talented physicist turned Solidity developer. 



Floating Head #264

On October 9th, the last Floating Head was sold to @shukuchi168 for 4.088 Eth. That was 15k USD at the time and it was all donated to Trees for The Future! This will help them plant 59 000 trees! 🌳  

9  OCT  2021

Designer Apes & Cats

On June 29th, SuperNfty made a 3D render of his ape as a designertoy. This post blew up and got retweeted by BAYC themselves, which led him to make the designertoys into a separate collection mid July: the Designer Apes. He did the same for Coolcats: Designer Cats. These designertoy derivatives were a huge success and got a lot of new people interested in the SuperNfty brand. 

29  JUN  2021

Superballs presales

3000 doodles, created by and for the SuperNfty community. The goal of these was to learn and prove our skills in building larger NFT projects. Almost all Superballs were given away for free to Floating Head holders (10 per Floating Head). ​1 Superball counted as 1 presale pass (a.k.a. mintlist) for IMP collection.

14  OCT  2021

Honorary Imps

On the 20th of December, the final Honorary Imp was released. Big names that endorsed the Imps & are part of the family include Cozomo de Medici, Gmoney, Andrew Wang, Zeneca_33, xCopy, DannyUkes, Deezefi, BettyNFT, Cool Cats, Vexx, JOY, Dario De Siena, Offshoot, Josh Ong, ON1Force, TDBC, and many more...

20  DEC  2021

Imps Launch

The Imps collection was officially launched on December 21st. The original mint price was 0.03-0.05 Eth.

It didn't sell out for a while, but the community kept their heads up. They held strong and rallied behind the collection. It was just a matter of time!

21  DEC  2021

Imps sell out!

After 17 days of not selling out & waiting patiently, with the ticker at 56%, SuperNfty Posted the following Sneak Peak video that showed a few spirits. @DannyUkes invited SuperNfty to a twitter space & @VonDoom minted a few Imps. The rest is history. On January 7th 2022, only a few hours after posting the video, the Imps collection completely sold out.

7  JAN  2022

1 YEAR Anniversary!

Thank you for sticking with us for a year! We hope this timeline can continue to grow for many years to come. If you want to read up more on our history, jump in the #history channel in Discord where SuperNfty keeps a blog on everything that happened. Stay tuned!

5  MAR  2022

First Spirits Sneak Peak

Gradually more and more info and sneak peaks about spirits were being released in 👀│sneak-peeks & 😈│imps-future. Until they were officially announced with this poster on January 28th. 🔥

28  JAN  2022


We have a flawless track record of rewarding loyal collectors. Not with promises for the distant future, but with stuff we know we can pull off: 3D files, Webcam Filters, Supertoys, co-creation, etc.


Over the Summer of 2021, I was thinking what I’d personally like to get from holding a collection of an artist whose work I really liked. That's when I got the idea for the Spirits: a Pokémon-Digimon-Megaman kind of collection that we released free and exclusively for Imp collectors with fun mechanics like evolutions and variants. It's a way for me to keep doing what I love, to keep providing value to holders in the form of art and to not dilute the value of the two main collections (Imps and Floating Heads).

In other words, the Spirits are definitely the main attraction, but we have other things planned as well ...

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